If you’ve pulled in Material Design Components into your Angular application,
you inevitability will find youself wanting to keep your component’s colors consistant with the theme of the rest of you application. In this post I will show you how to create themed components using the existing theme mixins provided by Material. This will not work if you’re using one of the built-in themes.
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If you’ve been following the recent Angular release canidates you can’t help but admire the changelog they are able to produce. Each version published has a nicely formated list of bugs, features, and breaking changes. How they were able to generate this type of changelog really interested me into digging deeper into their process and conventions. It turns out, implementing something like this into your workflow is actually quite simple.
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I’ve been using Visual Studio Code now for over a year and absolutely love the productivity it’s given me. Previously, my go to editor was Visual Studio 2015, mostly due to working with ASP.NET Web Forms. Now that I’m focusing more on front end development and Angular, I don’t think I’d start a new project without VS Code by my side.

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I was recently looking into how Angular differs from AngularJS in regards to internationalization (also known as i18n). I was delighted to see Angular makes use of the Internationalization API to perform date and currency conversions. This allows language specific formatting to be preformed directly by the browser.
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core-js is a modular library created by Denis Pushkarev that’s recently been opening some eyes in the web comm
Previously, it has gained serious reputation by use of Babel, which utilizes it for many of its polyfills.
Most recently, it was pulled into Angular as the de facto standard for shimming older IE 9-10 with ES2015 features.
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Earlier last week, Chrome posted the new features coming in Chrome 54. One of the features that stood out was Broadcast channel. This API facilitates communicate with other windows, tabs, and service workers running within the same origin. It sounds oddly familiar to window.postMessage API, which allows you to do the same window to window communication. The big difference here is, window.postMessage requires you to maintain a reference to the window you want to communicate with.
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